Tidings of Comfort and Beer

Beasley’s Restaurant, Raleigh NC

Comfort food, how do you define it? Nostalgic food that reminds you of home, family and friends?  That’s how I define comfort beer. Hoppyum IPA from Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem North Carolina, it’s a fine example of a feel good brew.


I had Hoppyum on tap at Beasley Chicken and Honey in Raleigh. It pours amber in color and leaves a nice lacy head.  The aromatics offer citrus tones and caramel.  Hoppyum is made with a varietal of hops just bitter enough to please the palate, not over the top.  It went down easy with a dry grapefruit finish.  This is a brew I’ll drink again.

Now a bit about Beasley Chicken and Honey.  Beasley’s is one of
Ashley Christensen Restaurants
.  You might remember my earlier posts about Fox Liquor and Chuck’s;   I’m infatuated with all these


As in all Ashley Christensen restaurants Beasley’s has an uncomplicated menu that is perfectly executed. Chicken with honey and waffles, mac and cheese, collards and buttermilk biscuits served on old school pie plates, simple, perfect.  You can have that with an ice cold North Carolina craft beer because those are the only brews you’ll find on the menu…it’s down home goodness!

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