Baileys, Baileys, Vodka and Trouble

Ocean Blvd Bistro and Martini Bar, Kitty Hawk, NC

I’ll start by saying I have a hangover.  I haven’t had one in years; overall this one is relatively mild compared to those experienced in my youth. It’s not the way I planned on waking this birthday morning, but my over consumption was well worth this pounding in my brain.

Chef Michael Thomas wowed us at Chefs Table; his execution was flawless and service spot on.  As always bartenders Tom and Dennis worked their magic.
Pre-dinner drinks:
Bells Two-hearted Ale for him
Rosy Cheeks Martini for me

With Dinner we shared a bottle of Troublemaker from Hope Family Wines.
1st course; Roasted Broccoli soup with pancetta and a drizzle of honey truffle oil.
2nd course; Spinach, bresaola, poached pears, cambazola cheese, grilled orange vinaigrette and candied pecans
3rd course; Lamb chops with olive rub and roast garlic gnocchi
4th course; House made pappardelle pasta served with goat ragu
5th course; Filet Mignon seared and served with potato croquette.
6th course; Coffee…Fresh crisp waffles with maple bacon ice cream (mine) black cherry ice cream (his).
Our DD’s showed up and we moved to the bar.
For him…Croft Vintage Port
For me…Baileys over ice.
The guys each had a Bulleit Bourbon.


When we returned home Ryan whipped up one of his “off the cuff” cocktails, this one he calls Sleigh Ride.
It started with a shot of poison (not really but I have to blame someone for my headache)

Sleigh Ride
1/2 shot of vanilla vodka (he would have preferred to use Irish Whiskey but mom prefers vodka)
1/2 shot Kahlua
1 shot Baileys
1 shot of Eggnog
Add ice and shake the hell out of it. Garnish with fresh ground nutmeg.

My head hit the pillow and I remember nothing until waking up with a headache. Happy birthday to me.
Can I do it again?

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