When did we lose the double space after the period?

Bar Americain, 52nd Street, NYC

Michelle; Corrector of Grammar

My sister is an urban dweller living outside of NYC, she shares a loft apartment with her husband and two dogs, Brian, Chester, and Felix. The loft is an eclectic and comfy reflection of the two unpretentious brainiacs that live there. They have a bohemian style, a list of degrees from prominent schools, sharp wit and a plethora of sarcasm. Put it all together and you have the cool Aunt and Uncle who know the best people, bars, and restaurants (except for maybe the taco place in lower Manahattan that incited Ryan’s aversion to black beans).

Wine; Corrector of Attitude

Michelle’s brother in-law was once Sommelier for Bobby Flay and Mario Batali (not at the same time). A few years back we were privileged to have Adam select our wines at Bar Americain. There were several served but two have stayed with me…

Terra d’Oro’s 2006 SHR Field Blend Zinfandel
A lover of deep reds I particularly enjoyed this one. Solid, spiced, and slightly sweet undertones. Although dinner was exceptional the wine has remained on my mental palate.

Marcenco Brachetto d’Acqui Pineto 2007
A delicate rose, aromatic and sweet. The perfect way to end a meal.

Evodia Garnacha
We had this one at home, but worth mentioning. One year Adam recommended it for the holidays and I’ve been drinking it ever since. A pleasant Spanish red, well balanced and very drinkable.

I superimposed a photo of 52nd St. circa 1948 so the menu appears as a reflection looking out.  52nd had a hip bar scene back in the day, take notice of the Harry the Hipster sign on the left; pretty cool.

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  1. michelle w. says:

    For the record, we are *extremely* pretentious.


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