Late Night with Toucan Sam

Ocean Blvd Bistro and Martini Bar, Kitty Hawk NC

We stopped in Thursday night and grabbed our usual seats at the bar. As always we were greeted by Dennis the resident master of mixology.

Feeling indecisive I asked Dennis to surprise me with a vodka based drink, like magic he turned a fruity cereal into a delicious cocktail. Maybe it wasn’t intentional but I swear it tasted like fruit loops… in the best of ways; crisp, not too sweet with a whisper of citrus.

Now if he could recreate the flavor of Captain Crunch he’d really be on to something.

Here’s how to adulterate those loops of fruity deliciousness….
Stoli Ohranj
Club Soda
A splash of cranberry
Twist of lime

FYI:  If you make this at home be sure to use Stoli Ohranj.  I tried to substitute Absolut Madarin, the end result was not the same.


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