The Bee Charmer

The Floridian, Cordova St. Historic St. Augustine.

Farm-to-table and oozing in awesome. Comfort food southern style, the restaurant is cozy and the staff happy to serve you.  When in town I never miss a chance to indulge in my favorite bite, the FGT Hoagie.  Fried green tomatoes dusted in cornmeal and cooked to crisp perfection.  Gussied up on a toasty bun with cabbage slaw, cilantro mayo and pepper jack cheese.  As good as Idgie Threadgoode could make.

Everything on the menu is created with fresh wholesome ingredients, there are no bad choices here.

Now lets move onto the beer and wine….

When your server addresses your table you’ll hear the story of the town liquor law which in my opinion archaic but does add to the charm of your dining experience.

Tucked in the back of the restaurant is small room with a plaque hanging over the door which reads County Line.  Enter the room and partake in beer and wine consumption. The County Line is a crafty way to get around existing law which prohibits the sale of alcohol within 150 ft of a church. Since Grace Methodist sits directly across the street the long arm of the law stretches all the way to the back if the restaurant. So step through the threshold and order your favorite beverage, pay for it, bring it back to your table and enjoy.

The County Line gives you several regional beer and wine choices. On my last visit I tried Orange Blossom Pilser 2 from Moenchs Brewing in Orlando. Light, refreshing flavor which boosts of citrus and orange blossom honey.  An easy drinking brew….maybe too easy, it was a great selection.


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