Monochromatic Chris


One magical night in Norfolk, we went from cocktails to fairy tales in just a few short hours. We accompanied two of our more creative friends to a showing of Frog Kiss at The Wells Theater. It was a night of grins and giggles with my vibrant gal pal Connie and her talented husband Chris. Whether attending Chris’s original play New Pink or his interpretation of Red, Chris Hanna always brings us back for more.

Getting to Norfolk only a few times a year, we make a point to enjoy the spirited restaurant/bar scene. On this night we visited Voila! a restaurant with an international palate, beautiful color, fine service, and remarkable fare.

The cocktails…vividly delicious works of art, each carefully crafted by a proficient bartender. The Lily Pad cocktail was created in honor of Virginia Stage Companies production of Frog Kiss. The beautiful blue of the cocktail perfectly matched Chris’s shirt and tie. Planned? Only VSC’s Artistic Director knows for sure.

It was an enchanting and delightful evening.

Princess Clemintine Lily Pad Martini
Beefeater Gin
Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice
Splash of Creme de Violette
Essence of fresh cucumber
Float a cucumber slice and Voila! a lily pad is created.

Here are a few more noteworthy cocktails at Voila!
Voila Spring Cocktails

One Comment Add yours

  1. connie hanna says:

    IT was an enchanted evening! I hope we’ll see you again soon in Norfolk or S.S.!


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